Free? At What Cost?

By Arthur Moore

These two are at it again to give away more free stuff. Senator Pat Jehlen and Rep. Christine Barber. Why? Where does anything free come from? Free bus service? I am guessing the MBTA costs nothing to run.

Last, I hear they were in debt but somehow always has money to keep going. So somewhere money has to be coming in. As a taxpayer I expect somehow, I am paying for it. Something I personally will never use but pay for. There are many of us going to be stuck paying for this free stuff that will never use it. But these two once again want to give things away. I pay for my own transportation and the least others can do is pay for theirs. After all they are the ones using it. And we certainly don’t need any more government debt as we have way too much now. And no trees out back that grow money. I am perfectly content to drive my big SUV into Boston and if there is traffic I am much happier being in my vehicle than on a loaded bus full of people. Plus since I no longer have a bus stop as that was taken away I don’t have a choice. Try being senior and handicapped. Does not work for us in this city. I had someone drive me to Assembly to get the train. Had them come back to pick me up. Could not do that, way too much for this old body. Can’t do Sullivan, that walk uphill is a killer. So MBTA is of no use for me. And I do not want to support it. Let those who use it pay.

And all the incentives for electric vehicles. Why that too? We really want to screw up so much of nature by digging up so much land? Using child labor to extract the chemicals for these blood batteries. The smelting process for extracting the chemicals. So much bad coming from this. We are getting ready to dig up some beautiful mountains for this. But wait, we have many lawsuits to go through that do not want our land destroyed. How is that going to play out. I am no expert but it seems like this is same as the 8 track for music. A passing fad until we come up with the next big thing. And how much can the electric grid handle? I see that is being discussed now and maybe in the near future is going to be worked on. More coal and oil to run that? I would rather put money into solving a problem than for a tiny band aid that is outrageous in cost and killing the earth. It is not difficult information to find. Let’s not let our elected officials keep spending money we don’t have. The debt is going to kill us one day. So stop giving our tax dollars away.

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