Ocean State Job Lot Revisited In Somerville

By Arthur Moore

It has been many years some we lost this wonderful opportunity here on Winter Hill to have something close to what most of the people here would want and like. I know this as many people stop by my front porch to talk about it and my mom who is no longer here about how badly they wanted this to go through. It has turned out that unknown to us this company has a wonderful track record of giving. One I remember was winter coats for homeless vets.

But them a coat for $75 and get a $75 gift certificate. And so many others. Even today they are raising money for the Ukraine. It is just so sad the city could not have done something nice here for the people than fight with the owner. I will say I have great respect for the owner for not giving in to the city. The reason back then was the city wants this for a multiuse property. The majority of us did not want it then or know. The people somehow still have hopes of a store even though we know the city will not do what the people want. Even though we pay the taxes and their wages we are never given a say that they will do. The eminent domain business that keeps coming up is so disgusting to even think of here in America. Granted we want a store but the powers that be want what we don’t. I expect in the end the city will win and once again the people will lose. No sense complaining to our council as we have no one sitting there that work for the people of Somerville. This property will be farmed out to the private sector to make money. I can only hope the owner of the property can continue to fight this and keep winning. Better nothing than what the city has planned for us. And we still want a store here. At least the people do.

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