Multiple Boards and Commissions currently seeking to fill various positions. Residents of all backgrounds and abilities encouraged to apply

The City of Medford is currently accepting applications from Medford residents to serve on one of many City Boards & Commissions.

Residents who are interested in serving on any of the boards and commissions below should complete the Board and Commission Interest Form available at Completed forms should be submitted via email to, or mailed to the Office of the Mayor at 85 George P. Hassett Drive, Room 202, Medford, MA 02155.

Residents of all backgrounds and abilities are strongly encouraged to apply. Medford city services are available to all residents, regardless of economic situation, race, gender, ability, benefit eligibility, or religious affiliation.

In addition to the boards and commissions below, residents are always encouraged to submit letters of interest for any board of commission listed on our website. Should vacancies become available on any city board or commission in the future, we will contact you for opportunities within your area of interest.


License Commission

The License Commission is charged with the responsibility of issuing various types of alcohol licenses including Package Store Licenses, Restaurant Licenses, Club Licenses, One-Day Licenses, and Entertainment Licenses. Appointment to the License Commission is subject to City Council approval.


Board of Assessors
$5,000 stipend

The three-member Board of Assessors, appointed by the Mayor, ensures the accuracy of the assessing database used for ad valorem taxation, annually determines the “new growth” increase in the levy limit, calculates the tax rate each year, and acts upon abatement applications as well as property tax exemption applications for the elderly, low income, disabled veterans, the blind, and applications for exemption from the Community Preservation Act Surcharge.

Board of Health
$900 stipend

The Medford Board of Health’s mission is to improve, preserve and protect the health of the citizens of the City of Medford. The Board will advocate for a safe environment, for reduction of known health risks, and for application of known preventive health measures. The Board will enact its mission through the health agents and staff and in cooperation with other local, State, and Federal agencies and departments.

Cemetery Board of Trustees
Chairperson, $1,100 stipend, Trustee $900 stipend)

The mission of the Cemetery Division is to serve the citizens of Medford by meeting their needs with compassion and dignity. We will deliver services in a fair and impartial manner. We will record and provide accurate gravesite location information and maintain the cemetery grounds in a pleasing manner by a trained and professional staff.

Civic Auditorium and Convention Center Commission

The CACCC is responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of the building and enhancing its value as the premier performance space in Medford. The commission works with a variety of stakeholders – the management company, city departments, the Friends of Chevalier, architectural and design firms in its efforts. With these stakeholders, the Commission has developed a capital plan ensure its viability for years to come.

Commissioner of Trust Funds

Community Garden Commission

The Community Garden Commission works to enhance the quality of urban life and build community bonds by creating and sustaining a gardening network that promotes the benefits of “green” and sustainable gardening practices.

Community Preservation Committee

The Community Preservation Committee of Medford is responsible for evaluating the preservation needs of the City of Medford and making recommendations to the Mayor and Medford City Council to appropriate Community Preservation Act funds for projects that would best fulfill those needs. Through use of an open process, and actively engaging the community, we will endeavor to improve open space, recreation, affordable housing, and historic preservation through the allocation of funding provided by the citizens and businesses of the City of Medford.

Consumer Advisory Commission

The Medford Consumer Advisory Commission is part of a statewide network of Local Consumer Protection Programs established by the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General to advise and assist in resolving consumer complaints. We provide advice, education, referral and informal mediation services at no cost to consumers. Mediation provides consumers and businesses the opportunity to address and resolve disputes.

Council on Aging

The general mandate of the Medford Council on Aging is to be the primary advocate for Medford’s older adults. To that end, the Council evaluates, promotes, encourages and provides new and existing services that are intended to enhance the quality of the lives of elder residents.

Historic District Commission

The Historic District Commission is the official City body charged with administration of the City’s designated Historic Districts. The Commission’s role is to ensure that any visible changes to properties within the Historic Districts enhances, rather than detracts from, the area’s historic character. The Commission can issue certificates of appropriateness, certificates of non-applicability, and certificates of hardship with respect to construction or alteration of buildings and structures within the historic districts. The goal of the Commission is to sustain and improve the significance of Medford’s place in American history and to increase the cultural and monetary wealth of Medford residents.
Commission is seeking anyone with architectural or law experience, but anyone interested in preserving historic Medford is welcome!

Historical Commission

The Medford Historical Commission works to preserve and protect the city of Medford’s historic character and heritage in order to sustain and improve the significance of Medford’s place in American history.

Hormel Stadium Commission
($1,200 stipend

The Hormel Stadium Commission works to ensure the proper upkeep and operations of the athletic facility. The three-member board has two members appointed by the Mayor and one member appointed by the City Council.

Housing Authority

The Medford Housing Authority is a leader in the development, management and administration of subsidized affordable housing for low-income elderly, family and disabled households. Our mission is to develop and manage safe, good quality, affordable housing for low-income individuals and families in a manner that promotes citizenship, community and self-reliance.

Human Rights Commission

The mission of the Human Rights Commission is to protect the civil rights of Medford residents, reinforce a positive community atmosphere, work with community groups and agencies to educate, promote understanding to eliminate prejudice and intolerance, and to mediate within the community whenever needed.

The Commission normally meets the second Wednesday of the month (EXCEPT July & August) at 5:30PM in Room 201 of Medford City Hall.

Library Trustees

The Library Board of Trustees is tasked with overseeing the operations and policies of the Medford Public Library.

License Commission

The License Commission is charged with the responsibility of issuing various types of alcohol licenses including Package Store Licenses, Restaurant Licenses, Club Licenses, One-Day Licenses, and Entertainment Licenses. Appointment to the License Commission is subject to City Council approval.

Registrar of Voters

The Registrar of Voters oversees the operations of municipal, state and federal elections in the City of Medford.

Water and Sewer Commission

The Water and Sewer Division provides for the maintenance and repair of the water and sewer infrastructure throughout the City of Medford.

Cable Advisory Committee

The Cable Advisory Committee informs and educates the public about cable television service and assesses the cable needs of the community in addition to recommending policy changes.

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