Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Ricardo MONTEJO (ABDW, ADW, Firearm Charges, Home Invasion)

This is a brief summary pertaining to incident #22002410:

On January 17, 2022, while in uniform, I was assigned to marked unit East-1 working the 12 AM to 8 AM shift. At approximately 12:26 AM I was dispatched to 157 Perkins St Apt #X, for a report of a past assault, weapons call. Sgt. Marino, and Officer S. Costa responded as back up along with several other units. On scene I was met by the victim identified as Mr. XXXX. XXXX stated that he was assaulted by a man who lived on the first floor of the residence.

I would note, this residence is a 3 family home, but is being used as a rooming house with separate bedroom apartments being rented. As I was speaking to XXXX I noticed an open cut on his left eye brow. I asked XXXX if he needed medical attention, he declined.

XXXX stated that while he was stepping out of his xxxx floor apartment he was confronted by the suspect identified as Ricardo MONTEJO. XXXX stated that MONTEJO began arguing with him in the hall way of his xxxx floor apartment. XXXX stated he tried to get away by going into his room, but MONTEJO followed. Inside of XXXX bedroom was a female, later identified as Ms. XXXX who is friends with XXXX.

According to XXXX, MONTEJO hit him in the head several times, and pushed him into the corner of the bedroom. XXXX walked over to a window in the bedroom where MONTEJO followed, and struck XXXX in the face with the grip portion of a firearm. MONTEJO pointed the gun at XXXX and XXXX several times while making statements that he would kill them. XXXX stated that MONTEJO pointed the gun at her and said, “I’ll ice you.” “You better not be calling the cops.” MONTEJO also said, “Take a nap, or else.” XXXX described the firearm as a black gun which contained a “clip.” XXXX stated that MONTEJO pulled the slide back on this gun to release a round, and would put the round back in to make sure they knew it was loaded. XXXX was afraid and believed MONTEJO may shoot her or/and XXXX.

During one of MONTEJO’S strikes to XXXX head, the firearm discharged a round. This round is believed to have traveled through the window of the bedroom. There is a hole that went through the window curtain, as well as the window itself, which indicated the path of travel.

While I was speaking to XXXX, Sgt. Marino attempted to speak with MONTEJO about the event not knowing that MONTEJO was the suspect. XXXX had walked inside from smoking a cigarette and pointed to MONTEJO stating, “That’s him.”

MONTEJO was subsequently arrested for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon initially. It wasn’t until detectives arrived on scene that the rest of his charges resulted. During his arrest MONTEJO was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, Officer Radochia, where he was booked by Lt. DeOliveira.

Prior to MONTEJO’S arrest he was found on the rear porch of the house where he was placed in custody. Due to the seriousness of the event, weather conditions, as well as information being sought by the victims, officers checked the area surrounding the back porch. Officer S. Costa observed a semi automatic black Polymer 80 Ghost Gun, along with 3 magazines, which appeared to be fully loaded by the back fence of the house. I would note, this area was in close proximity to where we located MONTEJO. I believe MONTEJO placed this firearm outside in an attempt to hide it. This firearm matches the description given by XXXX. I would note, MONTEJO does not have a licence to carry a firearm, which I attempted to locate via CJIS.

Please see any and all supplemental reports from detectives and other officers. Detective Mike Faria arrived to photograph the scene, and these photos will be available upon request. Officer Henriquez waited on the first floor apartment while a search warrant was being written for MONTEJO’S bedroom.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Jamey Thompson #363
Somerville Police Department

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