In The Middle Of It All Its Election Time!

By Richard Scirocco

The day has finally arrived where you, the voter, can make the difference in the future of this city. Your choice, can either make a community thrive, or, overburden your neighbors and fellow citizens with continuous issues that have been ongoing for over a decade with the rise of increasing taxes to pay for the misleading conception that problems will one day be solved. False promises have been made by many in the past history of politicians. The experiences have been so many that the people almost frustratingly accept what happens in this era.

Hope, that the decision you make, will, impact a positive response to what seems to be an undetermined future. This is a very tumultuous time in the history of Somerville.
At the conclusion of this particular election there will be either a new Mayor with fresh ideas, and solutions to the current problems mounting daily, or, the same continuous rhetoric that has plunged Somerville into a financial disaster with a bleak future outlook.

While both Katjana Ballantyne and Wil MBah have both served in the Councilors position for a few terms, their willingness to serve all the citizens in the community has fallen very short, as their many actions have demonstrated. Instead of distancing themselves from the Council, to prove their worth, their rubber stamp policies to follow along with the current administration have given them no leverage with the people. In short, their specific actions have not reflected the best interests of anyone but themselves, their own ideas, and the administrative agenda that has operated under suspicious activities for many years. William B. Tauro, another current candidate for Mayor, who has suffered at the hands of actions from the election department which is under current investigation for illegal mishandling of ballots as well as several other charges, is forced to continue his battle for the office by running a” WRITE IN” ,or, Sticker Campaign, until the investigation is concluded. Once the conclusion is completed, Tauro vows that everyone involved, will be indicted and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for not being forthcoming to divulge information as to their part or knowledge of the illegal actions. For those willing to cooperate with authorities you have a chance to come forward with the truth.

Feel free to contact Billy Tauro directly at (617)293-2016 to divulge any illegal activity you may have witnessed or been a part of.
Billy is a person that has demonstrated common goodwill actions towards many citizens for well over a decade. His generosity and caring has put a smile on many elderly and Veterans as well as homeless people. He has assisted in raising millions for many service clubs involved in the city. These clubs and organizations help people for different reasons each and every day. He never expected to make a run for office so his actions and good deeds were innocent and without a hidden agenda. Honestly, with integrity. Once he had a clear look at where the direction of Somerville was going, he made a decision to open his life up and focus on a change for the better.

In the past years, each time a candidate becomes an elected official they no longer represent the public as was defined in the elected position the day it was created. They become opinionated on certain topics. They distance themselves from the public. Billy Tauro has handed out his personal contact number to everyone from the start and has promised to maintain an open door policy if elected. His solutions have been publicized unlike any other opponent. Many decisions are made of which impact, you, directly, as a citizen of the city. Only you can change the future, of of how your life will continue here through this particular vote on November 2nd (Tuesday), in the right direction.

The past experiences over the last few decades have left a distaste of what Somerville built up for centuries as a reputation of conducting its business accordingly.
Now, the reflection in the mirror has become less appealing to many that appreciated the history and welcoming neighbors that we once produced without reason. Only through a leadership role from someone not affraid to impliment and correct the solutions can a positive action be accomplished. People need to work together to make this happen and that is why William B. Tauro will not give up the fight for a better tomorrow.

The homeowner, renter, or businessman will be equally represented if you the voter choose to Elect William B Tauro as your next Mayor. He needs your vote! Please vote for a change in Somerville

Please cast your write in ballot for William B. Tauro in the November 2nd election. If you need a sticker to assist your voting process then any and all Tauro members holding a sign will have a sticker readily available for you! Thank you.

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