Don’t Let This Important Election Slip Away Get Out And Vote

By Arthur Moore

Let’s make this very clear. I have over 70 invested here and have had much involvement in many ways here. I do not care who is progressive, socialists or otherwise. I would like someone that can run the city with common sense and work for all the people. Not just one class of people.

We have young agile people and we have people not agile and elderly. We need to make this city for all. Young and agile does not last forever. This city is out of control and we need to rope it on NOW! Before it’s too late. Life can change in an instant and then reality sets in. Let’s start being open minded and stop the closed minds here. For those of us that have put our hearts and souls into this city and contributed so much to make this a place to live should not mean it all has to be thrown away in one election because people cannot what the future will bring if we keep following this path. Why is it that the senior set likes Billy Tauro? Because he has shown over the past twenty years that he has a big heart for the people worse off then himself and actually does something about it. Not many know that he stops and helps out a homeless person and takes them out to lunch and talks to them and learns. He takes people to his home also that are not well off. This was done long before thoughts of being mayor. Does this make him a bad person? Don’t look at his campaign and newspaper articles to judge him. Do so on his merit. And to end this look at what the other two have not done. That should make up your mind. Talk is cheap.

This is the only remedy to save Somerville from further political destruction is to Please Write-in “William Tauro” 333 Great River Road on the balllot and circle the dot. Together we can do this and Tauro will not let you down!

Tauro is the only NON SOCIALIST in the race!

So please remember to call, email, text and tell all your relatives, friends and neighbors that live in Somerville to please write an “William Tauro” especially now that early absentee ballots have arrived and Nov 2nd voting is just around the corner.

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