Somerville Deliberately About to Slow Down Emergency Ambulances

By Arthur Moore

Granted I am not an EMT driver. But having been in some with seniors being rushed to the hospital with some that seconds could mean their life and watching the driver have to keep slowing down just for the regular road bumps I saw where it makes the trip take longer.

One poor vet who was 100 years old had his vein imploded when they had to try and get a needle in while driving as they had no time to waste a second and the bumps made it move just enough to implode it. If I am using the right terminology. I know we need to get cars and bikes to drive safely here but there has to be a better way than risking lives. There are many cases around the country where the city could end up with lawsuits if anything happens. And remember we don’t have a real close ER for bad emergency cases here so we need these vehicles to get there asap to save lives. The city needs to put some common sense into these ideas and at least check with whatever emergency services that use these what is not going to work before we have a problem. This is a problem waiting to happen. So, on the 25th they are going to dump a number of these up in the ward five area. Fortunately for this city that is not the route they use to take me to the ER so I at least have a fighting chance. But others not so much.

If the Somerville Police Department were to ever be abolished or even defunded like my two socialist opponents want, this city would suffer an unrecoverable blow that would have devastating effects throughout our community! Crime, chaos, drugs, break-ins, burglery, rape, molestation, shootings, stabbings etc, etc, etc, would be running rampant throughout the streets of Somerville and nothing good would ever come out of it! We would be finished as a society!

Think very carefully before you vote this November and vote wisely!

Where William Tauro is the only non-socialist in the race as well as the only mayoral candidate to support our police, He’s your best choice for a greater and safer Somerville!

Please call all your friends, your relatives, your neighbors, everybody to come out and vote on November 2nd!

Write-in “William Tauro” for Mayor of Somerville on November 2nd! Take Somerville Back!! #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

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