Rename Cedar Street’s Name to Thumper Street

By Arthur Moore

Thanks to the city of Somerville we have that long line of plastic poles which makes no sense for a city that bans plastic. I have heard from people that live on Cedar Street about these about how at night when they are sleeping the sound of these plastic poles being hit by vehicles all night are keeping people awake because of the loud thumping sounds made the poles being hit.

I do not know if this is on purpose or not but some people are very unhappy about this needless noise. It’s like the city is intentionally doing this as all the complaints I heard were mostly from seniors trying to get a nights sleep. This city has taken so much away from seniors that what little bit they have left they are now losing sleep also. Does nobody check the impact on people before doing these inhumane acts? The city has taken away so many rights of seniors and people with mobility problems I guess depriving them of sleep too won’t bother those in charge. I expect none of them live there. We need some common sense here in implementing things here. Not just dump them on the people and when it goes wrong then just ignore the issue. And you wonder why so many are fed up here? Two of the people running for mayor are on the council. Are they doing anything? I guess we know the answer to that since it is the same thing they have done since elected. Seniors are expendable in this city. The election is coming. Let’s take back our city and take care of the elderly, disabled, vets, and the homeless that receive no caring from this city.

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