Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Mark RANKIN (Shoplifting)

On Thursday, August 26, 2021, I, Officer Pavao, was assigned to East 2. I was dispatched to 180 Somerville Ave (Target) for a past shoplifter.

Upon arrival, I was met by Ms. XXXX, Target Loss Prevention. Ms. XXXX stated that at approximately 4:05PM Mr. Mark Rankin came into the store, grabbed a prepaid cell phone and a backpack, and exited the store at 4:11PM.

At approximately 5:23PM, I was dispatched back to 180 Somerville Ave (Target). Ms. XXXX stated to Somerville Police Dispatch that Mr. Mark Rankin was back in the store and was walking in the direction of the Tech Section. Officer Khoury (E3) and Officer Lambert (E4) responded as well. I entered the store and the other units remained outside. Officer Khoury advised units that Mr. Rankin was exiting the store and then ran in the direction of Merriam Street. Officers were able to detain him at XX Merriam Street. In the backpack Mr. Rankin had shoplifted earlier was a pair of Sony headphones, two Monster energy drinks, and six Starbucks coffee drinks. In his left pocket was the AT&T cell phone that he took earlier in the day.

Mr. Rankin was placed under arrest for two counts of 266/30A/A Shoplifting by Asportation. I then requested #200, operated by Officer Haley, to transport Mr. Rankin back to Somerville Police Station to be booked in the usual manner by the shift commander Lieutenant Holland.

I’d like to note that Officers have responded to this location numerous times for past shoplifting involving Mr. Mark Rankin. I have a pending Shoplifting case with Mr. Rankin that took place on 7/28/2021 (CAD# 21038990).

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Brian Pavao #318
Somerville Police Department

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