City Council Members Running for Mayor Have Been Ignoring Senior Problems Here

By Arthur Moore

So as I watched this debate and it got to senior mobility problems I can’t help noticing that the two people from our city council now have something to say.

Back about two years ago when I went up to the city council with over 2000 signatures trying to resolve the Broadway bike and bus lanes which never worked from day one and still don’t, has had a deep impact on our seniors in that area in which they could not longer go to the hairdresser or nail salon and also the Somerville retirement board. Also the apartment buildings on Broadway where seniors were now having a hard time getting in and out of their places and people with mobility problems could not even visit them as the parking was taken away from them. I also heard from family members who had trouble getting near their mothers and fathers to bring staples to them but had no parking. I am closing in on 80 and also have mobility problems so I have become more aware of this. Yet these people from the council running for mayor never spoke up or did anything. For that the council of ward four did nothing either. Now all of a sudden it is an issue? It has been for some time now. Even a letter from the ADA did not get any response or help out of these people. I am not saying we have to roll out the red carpet for the seniors or send them a Rolls Royce but just same plain everyday common sense so they have some chance of getting around. Bus service is hit or miss. Some cannot even get to a bus stop as they do not have that much mobility. I had a bus stop at the top of my street. Didn’t matter as I could not get to it if I wanted to. The taxi drivers try to help by giving many breaks if they know they do not have much. I do not know which drivers but have heard about them doing this. Watertown had a shuttle called busy bee which was great and served a wonderful purpose, I understand they closed up. It would ne just what we need here. It was free or low cost and took seniors where they needed to go. Since I spend much time with seniors I find a fairly large number without and family to help them out and they are alone and some do not have the finances to afford transportation. Some need to drive as that is the only way they have independence. But they also need to park where they need to go. There will be changes in the future as things progress but at this moment in time we do not need to hurt the senior population here. Our council members have failed in this respect. And now we are to trust them to have an interest now? No. They have dropped the ball and are still not picking it up.

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