Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Michelle FREYTES (OUI Liquor)

On July 18, 2021 I was working Patrol on the overnight shift assigned to cruiser E4. At around 0003 I was dispatched to the area of 165 Middlesex AV for a report of a possible car accident.

Upon arrival I was flagged down by two men pointing to a car on the street beside the above address. This car appeared to be damaged. One of these gentleman told me he saw her go over a curb and come to rest in her present position. I went up to the window and noted severe damage to the body of the car and both front two tires blown. The passenger side airbag had also been deployed. SFD/Cataldo were enroute and E1 (OFC D Ruf) had also just arrived as I walked up to the drivers side.

When I first spoke to the driver and lone occupant, later identified as Ms. Michelle Freytes (XXXX) she tried to put her car into drive. I advised her not to and she then took the keys out. I asked her for her registration and license but she could not locate them. I asked for her SSN and she told me “XXXX” which is not correct. Her speech was also slurred and she was physically and verbally slow to respond. I noted her eyes seemed glassy and I believed I could smell an odor of one or more intoxicating substances coming off her person or her vehicle. I asked her to step out and she did where she sat on the curb with E1. She was extremely unsteady on her feet during this time. During this point I noted a stronger odor of what I beleive to be intoxicating substances coming directly from her person. She refused to be checked out by Cataldo and did not complain of any injuries. I placed her under arrest for DWI at this point. I gave her Miranda via a card from SGT E Kim (S8) who was now on scene. I asked her if she wanted to do any FSTs and she looked away without answering. She asked to speak to a Supervisor and was talked to by S8 on scene. She was then transported by 200 (OFC K ODonnell) and booked by SGT J Marino (CO). Her vehicle was towed by Pats with the key. Ms. Freytes later refused a breath test back at the station.

NOTE: Said MV involved was a Ford Fusion with NY VIN XXXXX however she had MA Reg plate XXXX on the car which comes back to a Nissan Rouge.


OFC M Cleary #353
Somerville PD

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