Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Angela GRASSA (Operating MV with License Suspended & Resisting Arrest)

On December 8, 2016, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser East 1. At approximately 12:40pm, I was at the intersection of Broadway and Mount Vernon Streets (public ways) behind a MA XXXXX. I noticed the window tint to be darker than allowed by law. Upon query of the license plate, I learned it was registered to YYYYY. The vehicle proceeded onto Mount Pleasant St (public way) where the operator pulled over in front of number ZZ Mount Pleasant, blocking a fire hydrant. As I passed, I immediately recognized the operator to be Angela Grassa. I recently had a case with Grassa, and knew her license to be suspended in Massachusetts. I confirmed this license status through the registry. I turned my cruiser around and activated my emergency equipment. I asked Grassa to exit the vehicle, which she refused to do. In the back seat was a male, later identified as AAAAA. Grassa kept reaching back toward the console, and in the direction of AAAAA, refusing my orders to exit the vehicle. I informed Grassa she was being placed under arrest, and she needed to exit the vehicle or she would be removed. After this warning, she once again reached back into the car. I pulled Grassa out by her arm, and attempted to place her into handcuffs. After being told she was under arrest again, Grassa struggled to keep her arms away from me. I pulled Grassa off the vehicle, and guided her to the ground where I was able to get her into handcuffs (double locked). Even while in handcuffs, Grassa kept reaching for her waist area.



        Officer’s Anderson and Soares arrived along with Sgt. Capasso to assist. Officer Goncalves responded in unit 200, and transported Grassa to the station where she was booked by Lt. DiGregorio. AAAAA also had a suspended license, and he was released from the scene. Due to the blocked fire hydrant, and no licensed operator present, the vehicle was towed by Pat’s. This is the second time Grassa was observed operating a vehicle registered to YYYYY with a suspended license. I will be applying for a criminal complaint against YYYYY for allowing an unlicensed operator (90/12).


Grassa will be charged with:

Operating after Suspension – License (90/23)

Resisting Arrest (268/32B)

Nontransparent window – 15% (90/9D).


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Tim Van Nostrand


Somerville Police Dept.


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  1. i know angela her mom lives around the corner from me in my building,,, 22 mt pleasant huh? no licence uh oh… i wont mention this to her mom…

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