Connecting The Paper-Trail of Corruption In Somerville’s Ward 7

By William Tauro

A little background on Binoj Pradhan and the reasoning why he endorsed Katjana Ballantyne.

Binoj Pradhan received a very cushiony seat on the Somerville Board of Disabilities Commission as a committee member appointed by Joe Curtatone and Councilor Katjana Ballantyne.

Binoj Pradha was presented with a liquor license in Teele Square and a marijuana license in Union Square. Currently he is trying to obtain another marijuana license in Teele Square with his partner Greg Santos. His partner is best buddies with Somerville Ward 2 City Councilor JT Scott. So you can connect the dots where the Ward 2 councilor has his pot connection to his own marijuana license location.

Binoj Pradhan is all over Councilor Katjana Ballantyne like a new suit for her generosity of an approval of his 2nd marijuana license for Teele Square that is being issued by Ballantyne.

Pradhan was also granted two rather large building permit development projects approvals across the street from each other on Broadway in Ward 7. The proposed development is located at 1154 Broadway. It is that lot that has remained empty since a mysterious fire destroyed storefronts in Teele Square and it would be replaced by a four-story building with commercial hotel complex with commercial and residential space, according to design plans filed at City Hall

Binoj Pradhan is listed as a Director with Shree Karya Binayok, Inc in Massachusetts. The address on file for this person is 1274 Broadway #2, Somerville, MA 02144

As Somerville City Council President Katjiana Ballantyne the Ward 7 City Councilor granted Binoj Pradhan the marijuana licenses.

President Ballantyne respectfully submitted these recommendations to the Somerville Licensing Commission for review. She also granted him his new marijuana retailer license.

Katjiana a Somerville City Council president persuaded/influenced the Zoning Board of Appeals to approved a four-story mixed-use project on the site with ground floor commercial space and 11 residential units above for Binoj.The proposal is to construct a four-story building.

Katjiana while Somerville City Council President granted Binoj Pradhan a permit for a four story hotel as well directly across street of his other ongoing project in his Ward 7 lot.

As you can in the Massachusetts Office of Campaign Financial records listed in the attached box, Binoj Pradhan paid a hefty sum of money multiple times over and over to get his way with Mayor Joe Curtatone and Councilor Katjana Ballantyne to get his way so an endorsement was expected. Corruption at its best! Just connect the dots.

Binoj Pradhan is also listed in the Somerville Commission for Persons with Disabilities Commission as an appointed commission member appointed by Mayor Joe Curtatone as listed below. He was also granted many favorable licenses for liquor as well as marijuana license by then President of Somerville City Council President Katjiana Ballantyne

So why wouldn’t Binoj Pradhan endorse Katjana Ballantyne where he practically owns her?

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