Outrage Over Somerville Police Defunding

By Arthur Moore

It seems the defund police group thinks we should defund police as their survey says 65% of the people in Somerville want to defund the police. If I read the budget right we are increasing the budget which is what you expect for the people that protect and serve the community. Why would you even think of defunding them?

As far as our city goes we have a very good force here so why screw it up? I have witnessed in person many of the lifesaving things they have done here over the years. First hand help with suicides which I saw amazing work by them. The cases I witnessed allowed these people to get immediate help and made sure someone’s son or daughter get another chance at life. I don’t see everything they do in a day but for what I have seen I want these people to have the best of equipment since they are serving us. I can only guess that the people who want to defund the police do not have a clue as to what these people do. Or maybe they don’t read the news and see that they die trying to save someone’s life. Or doing a wellness check on a senior or someone with disabilities of some kind. Or maybe they don’t think that one day they may need them to save theirs or a loved one. Or they just have no heart for people who need immediate help when they have a problem. They need to be educated and go on to help people instead of trying to destroy something good that works. Or at least learn what it is they do before jumping in and screwing it up. Put that energy to good use somewhere else where needed. The big complaint is to put the money elsewhere that needs help. This elsewhere that is not funded well is not a result of the police but our leaders who decide not to spend our money wisely and waste it. So let’s get after them to do their job on how to budget and spend money. We know the people in charge have lost their way and most of the time do not put money into the most needed places first. I for one am thankful for all they do on duty and I know many do a lot after work for the community. Be careful for what you wish for.

One thought on “Outrage Over Somerville Police Defunding”

  1. If that many want to defund let it happen. Just remember, they’ll move on and there is no “never mind” option.

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