More Trouble Brewing In Somerville Amongst Three Mayoral Candidates Including Mayor Curtatone

By William Tauro

With the exposure of corruption allegations regarding three mayoral candidates that have recently surfaced, more disturbing news has been uncovered.

Recent allegations of corruption were revealed regarding Mayoral Candidate Mary Cassesso’s husband Peter L. Miller. Miller who is a founder and partner of Dark Horse Capital Partners, LLC is being accused of illegally takings of multiple properties along with Somerville Mayor Curtatone by eminent domain for their own personal gain. Miller is also presently named in a current lawsuit on one of those eminent domain takings of the Ball Square Bowling Alley.

We also reported regarding recent exposure of Mayoral Candidate Ward 7 City Councilor Katjana Balentine’s husband Developer/Architect Richard Nilsson. Nilsson, founder of Nilsson Architects is being accused of a recent attempt to extort $6.5 Million along with a written proposal signed by Nilsson himself regarding a Somerville property owner.

And we also reported about the abuse of power regarding Councilor-at-Large Wilfred Mbah. Mbah was caught with continuous usage of city owned, equipment, property and personal use of city personnel for his own personal gain that was revealed in a video taping this past winter.

Also in the news it appears that for some time now there has been a large sum of money missing from the City of Somerville Finance Department. We were informed that a finance department employee has resigned over it as well. The mayor’s office and the city council are quietly scrambling behind the scene amongst each other over it thinking on a way to handle it so it won’t be a further embarrassment to them. Instead they should be notifying the public of the missing taxpayer’s money.

The mayor’s office and all of the City Councilors have been intentionally quiet to not expose and embarrass two of their own who happen to be two mayoral candidates in this upcoming mayoral election, Ward 7 Councilor Katjana Ballantyne along with Councilor-at-Large Wilfred Mbah.

This entire situation has been unethically silenced so that it doesn’t leak out to the taxpayers aka voters, especially during this mayoral election to embarrass them any further and disqualifying them.

But when you think that you have heard it all, get ready for more disturbing news. This past week immediately after Somerville Police Department Detective Dante DiFronzo was cleared on all charges, prevailed on his appeal with the city reinstating him and giving him his job back after he was wrongfully accused by this administration, Detective DiFronzo is fighting back. Reports of Detective Dante DiFronzo filing a lawsuit against Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone, former Somerville Police Chief David Fallon, former Somerville police captain Dan Cotter, and the city of Somerville including it’s city solicitors has surfaced. We were made aware that all the parties involved were subpoenaed this past week and will be scheduled for depositions.

And please let us not forget and always continue to keep questioning on why no information regarding a list for the past two years of why so many city employees who are still currently out on paid administrative leave pending investigation has not been publicly announced as of yet.

Included on that list is Somerville DPW Garage Manager Mike Browne, DPW City Fleet Manager Ron Bonney and Somerville Police Sgt Michael Kiely.

Hopefully now the truth will surface exposing everything that I’ve been writing about for the past eight years regarding this corrupt administration and our puppets of city councilors that went along with it and soon to be known as co-conspirators who will be exposed to all.

This story is still developing…

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