Letter from the Editor: Medford Street Sidewalk Disaster Bigger Than Expected, All Involved Should Be Fired In Somerville

By William Tauro

The problem on Medford Street in Somerville is even more greater than we expected! During last weeks articles I assumed that they were only cutting up one block worth of sidewalks to fix their mistake ms of incompetency, but now lo and behold they are cutting up newly cemented sidewalks even doing further down Medford Street.

Work crews began cutting up the new sidewalks early this Monday morning now on Medford Street by Central Street. They are cutting up all these perfectly new sidewalks because someone messed up.
Another sad part to this is that once the repairs are made, a construction supervisor at the scene just informed us that the city is leaving those patches just the way they are and they’re not going to re-cement the sidewalks fully, they are leaving black patches of asphalt there instead as you see in these photos of the newly cemented sidewalks now displaying tar patches. Disgusting! Unprofessional! Criminal! On the taxpayer’s expense!

Maybe we should also mention that contractor who is dry cutting concrete to OSHA…that dust is bad news….contains silica?

Let’s see who our mayor and idiotic Somerville City Councilors including my to opponents blame for this big mess and who will be held accountable.  The project manager, the project foreman and the DPW commissioner should all be held accountable and all three should be fired. All of our city counselors should also be held accountable just for not looking into this monstrosity and allowing it to be funded!

It’s time for change! “Measure Twice and Cut Once!” #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

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