Davis Square Group Becoming Unhinged

By William Tauro

We have all seen the blogs and poor comments of attack on unsuspecting people that don’t coincide with the Socialist opinions.

They welcome all into their site but, after evaluation to examine their free thoughts and opinions, take over control of just who sees what, and when they can comment back. Their overzealous actions and snap opinions have no bearing on the truths but on what they brainwash their fellow readers into believing.

They sink to lows to invent and misguided ideas and events as they try and hurt people that don’t agree with their opinions. Then they try their hardest to convince all their readers that they are the worst individuals to walk the earth. This is how they mold and shape the unbalanced community and keep it out of balance. Do it our way or we will close you out and alienate you and your style of living.

Many were once again under the impression that these individuals were supposed to protect them not use them to do their bidding in the political arena. Make no mistake or misinterpretation, they are using you for their own agendas.

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