WILLIAM BILLY TAURO committed to making Somerville a greater place!

Riane Scirocco

A major breath of fresh air breezed in to Somerville with the announcement of Mayor Joe Curtatone stating that he will not be seeking reelection for Mayor. In an inter office interview, Billy Tauro is quoted as stating” I will not let up on the current corruption issues that have plagued our city.

For too many years the city has been under water, under construction, and new representation is needed, with a real focus on the problems that have been created and unresolved.” Billy vows to keep strong in his campaign and assure the citizens that have put their faith in him will be very happy with the results. His focus will also be addressing the individuals that allowed corruption to happen without interjection. “They need to be held accountable for their lack of responsibility and loyalty to their constituents. We will be hitting the streets even harder now!!”

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2 thoughts on “WILLIAM BILLY TAURO committed to making Somerville a greater place!”

  1. You realize, of course, that the next mayor of Somerville will be hand picked and delivered by the folks at Our revolution Somerville, and will be even more bike lane / anti-cop / skyscraper-in-your-back yard / etc / whacko than Curtatone. Love him or hate him, he was the only one left who would even attempt, once in a great while, to stand up to that crowd. We’re screwed.

  2. Best news I have heard since his first election. Been a long wait to get our city back. So much to do to now giving help to small businesses, seniors, handicapped people and so much more and get rid of insane ideas that did not work and put so many things back in working order. This is such a major blessing to the taxpayers.

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