Snow Removal in Somerville, Only for the Young and Agile

By Arthur Moore

On my street we have some handicapped parking, probably not enough as we have many elderly and handicapped. And I am also one of them. I do resent the fact that the unused bike lane on Winter Hill is so well plowed out while most streets are not and the handicapped people are ignored altogether.

Something is wrong here when we no longer take care of our own. For years I have done snow removal here not as a business but to help people in need who cannot do it. I never minded. Some of them would come and shovel the best they could when I got home late even though I would have preferred they did not. But that is how it was not so long ago. This year is the absolute worst.

My wife and some handicapped neighbors have worked a little each day to get our driveway open enough to get in and out. Since our neighbor who is young from across the street brought his snow over and put it right in front of our driveway. The ones on the side of the house with our cellar door have thrown the snow from this driveway over the fence against our house and blocked the door. Is this what we have to live with now once we become seniors and handicapped?

I suggested that the equipment used for the bike lane would serve a better purpose to help the people that need it. Obviously not. Neighbor helping neighbor seems to be a thing of the past now where we helped each other. This just so much away from being the nice city it once was. Not only with snow but we would check on people and get groceries if they needed them and whatever else we could for each other.

My wife has to get out as she takes care of elderly people who are in daily need of her help. I also help elderly but not what she does. I had to borrow a car as I probably won’t be able to get to mine for a long time. We have to struggle to get in and out until we can finally get rid of the snow in the middle of the front of our driveway. Something is terribly wrong here.

We certainly need change and someone to run the city that actually cares. This is how we have to live now? Plus going through covid and small businesses being out through hell. Not so nice here anymore.

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