Bill (H 4727)provides $1,000 to Massachusetts residents with a 1- or 2-person household earning up to $84,000 annually; 3-person household earning up to $105,000 annually; and 4 or more-person households earning up to $131,000 annually. Each household with a dependent would receive an additional $500 per dependent.

Supporters said the measure is aimed at helping poor, low-income and middle-class households.

“The goal of this bill is to provide immediate economic relief to our residents and families hardest hit by the economic ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said the bill’s sponsor Rep. Tami Gouveia (D-Acton) who told Beacon Hill Roll Call that she will refile the measure next year. “This legislation is especially important for workers in the gig economy, independent contractors, part-time workers, hospitality and restaurant workers and others who have been hit hardest by the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic ramifications of the pandemic will continue to be widespread and potentially devastating. Direct cash assistance cannot be our sole solution, but it would be a critical lifeline for our residents who may not have access to savings or family resources to support them in this difficult time.”

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