By William Tauro

It’s been one hundred thirty one weeks (131) or two years and six months which ever way you want to count it that have gone by since the South Middlesex Registrar of Deeds Maria Curtatone hosted her springtime drunkfest.
As you probably already have guessed, there have been no arrests, no witnesses, no leads, no police reports, no names of the injured party, no names of the people involved, no nothing!

The word on the street is that the registrar already has paid-off/bought-off the injured parties who one happens to be one of her mayoral brother’s football players the he had coached in the past and the other one just a kid who attended the registrar’s party and got some money in his pocket for keeping his mouth shut and disappearing.

Where is the Somerville Police Department with all this and most importantly where is the chief of police while this is going on and why is absolutely nothing being done?

Why hasn’t the chief of police or the mayor over the past two and a half years been talking to anybody nor reaching out to the public for help with a press conference or news releases on every news station just like when he found out he had the shingles? Is that that reason why the chief of police has announced his resignation?

Why are they still ignoring phone calls from the media? Where is the public’s demand for answers? Where is the outraged public here? Where are our city Council members? Where is the outrage over this intentionality covered up incident that they are letting mayor’s sister get away with here.

Close to four hundred underage students attended that illegal drunkfest party that was hosted be Curtatone that resulted in a stabbing as well as an assault.
The party lasted into the early morning hours of June 22nd 2018 on a Friday morning resulting in an early morning stabbing with multiple blue lights flashing, screaming teens, teams of police units frantically searching the scene with barking K-9 dogs.

According to witnesses at the scene, dozens of State and local police were called in with K-9 units at about 12:59AM to breakup the party of screaming out of control teens with music blaring that involved hundreds of out of control party-going intoxicated youths. Where are all these moms against drunk driving groups like M.A.D.D)?
In Massachusetts, it is a criminal offense to furnish alcohol to a minor under the legal drinking age of 21. However, in order to understand the legal implications of this law, also called the “social hosting law,” it’s important to first note that there are exceptions to the legal alcohol consumption age here in the commonwealth.
Exceptions are made for a minor to legally possess alcohol while in the presence of a consenting parent or legal guardian; and for an under-21 spouse to possess alcohol while with their legal drinking age spouse who is 21 or older.
So, if you and your children were at home enjoying a round of champagne together, no problem. You can legally serve your own underage child an alcoholic beverage without violating any Massachusetts laws.
Serving drinks to someone else’s child, however, becomes a criminal offense and if proven, you could be facing jail time and a fine – or both.
Moreover, you can be sued in civil court for damages as social hosting laws aim to split the liability between you as the host, and the consumer of alcohol (underage drinker) you supplied who subsequently injures a third party.
If one you or I have thrown that party and we’re caught red handed serving alcohol to all those minor children, we would already be locked up, keys thrown away and serving jail time in some prison cell with a guy named Bubba.
What does “furnishing” alcohol to a minor mean?
Under M.G.L. c. 138, s. 34, to “furnish” means to knowingly or intentionally supply, give, provide or allow to possess alcoholic beverages on your property or any premises you control. This includes charges such as “supplying alcohol to minors,” “furnishing alcohol to a minor,” and “providing alcohol to a minor.”
Recent case law has loosened the social host liability in Mass. The Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the host of a party where others are drinking can only be held liable for related injuries if they had direct control over the supply of alcohol to guests, or they actually served the alcohol to the guest/s.
The penalty if convicted of furnishing to one or more minors is up to one year in jail, a fine of up to $2,000 or both jail and the fine. In Registrar Curtatone‘s case you could multiply that penalty by hundreds of children that were at her party drinking there that night in Maria’s yard as well as in front on the street.
It’s even more troubling of what we are hearing about the so-called infamous hired Somerville detail police officer who was there that night is probably the reason why he’s been so hush-hush as well because we heard that he was so highly intoxicated himself thanks to Maria’s generosity of over-pouring that he couldn’t even write up the report that night.
Registrar Maria Curtatone was not available for comment that entire week as well as up to today’s date nor were Somerville Police reports available revealing the circumstances of events regarding the party or medical condition status of the victims.
It is unclear right now if Middlesex Registrar of Deeds Maria Curtatone will take any responsibility on providing the alcohol for the teens or if she will be facing any charges.
Shortly after the party, two videos surfaced from Registrar Curtatone’s daughter’s Snapchat account showcasing all the alcohol as well as displaying all the actions of the teens.
Maria Curtatone is sister to Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone who’s very own police department is conducting the investigation.

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