Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Property Owners Beware


Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

I would like to warn Somerville property owners of a scam that has been going on recently during the city’s Pandemic’s “No Eviction Policy”.

During the pandemic, the city of Somerville declared that tenants didn’t have to pay rent to their landlords for that period of time where some tenants took advantage of their landlords and this one sided policy order simply just wasn’t fair. This particular Somerville landlord was drastically taken advantage of when her tenants stop paying their rent completely. In this particular case, the tenant secretly subleased the retail space out to another tenant on their own and collecting the rent while still not paying the landlord for that entire six to seven month episode.

This particular retail store location is located at 1204 Broadway in Somerville where a local realtor who’s office is next-door supposedly ran a credit check and leased the property to an individual tenant who stopped paying the rent during the pandemic but infact on her own re-subleased the building out to another tenant and begin collecting the rent. All the while she was collecting the rent she kept it for herself and never paying it forward to the rightful landlord.

The landlord wasn’t aware of the subleasing was even going on until it was pointed out to the landlord by a homeless person at the store who reported to her that her building was being occupied by new tenants playing loud music in the space every night.

The realtor who’s office is situated right next-door defended himself by saying they were unaware it was going on while the entire time the building was directly next-door to the them and directly under their noses.

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