Arthur Moore On The Real Billy Tauro Candidate for Mayor of Somerville

By Arthur Moore

I have only known Billy for a short time. I saw his name once in a while I believe it was for photo credits or something. Then a newspaper called Somerville News Weekly. From the articles I really thought it was just some nut running it. Stuff you didn’t think was true. Anyway a short time later I had started protesting the mess that was made out of Broadway.

As I got into it Billy would show up and take some pictures and wrote about it. Seemed like an okay guy. I wrote in some replies and he turned them into articles for his paper. Then I started to write articles for my cause. One day I went out and bought his book and could not tear it from my wife’s hands. Billy stopped at my house and signed it. I was thinking it may get valuable if anything happens to Billy.

Some of the stuff in the book was making sense as people around me close to these things knew about them. It was becoming more believable. Then when the mayor’s sister had the underage drinking party complete with stabbing that was swept under the run by her brother the mayor and nothing happened everything was getting more credible. I saw that Billy was taking out a homeless person for lunch, also took people to his home for holiday meals that didn’t have much. And much more I am sure I am not aware of.

When he went to 81 Heath Street when they had the fire and he helped put them up in a hotel, people thought it was just because he was running for mayor. But I know he just does that all the time. He has a big heart. So gradually I changed my opinion of him.

He may come on a little strong in his articles but that is his way I guess. I do know he is giving up much to jump in and become mayor and only because it is a job that needs to be done. He says he will print anything which is why I am doing this.

Granted we are not friends as defined as we do not do anything socially but I wanted to try and let people know what kind of person he is. He cares about the people in need in Somerville and the small business people.

So if you are new to Billy and just reading his newspaper there is a lot more to it than what you see.  Granted his campaign may not be like everyone else’s but he has the honesty and heart to be the best mayor we have had in many years. And because of him I have decided to run also as ward four council. He does not need to fight this alone. And if others will step up we can take this city back and fix it before it gets any worse.

I have come to highly respect this man and I hope others can see clearly also and get this man in office where we need him.  And I wrote this on my own without his knowing. And he had better keep his word and print it. I have 75 years here and have seen many come and go.

I think we have a great guy here and someone who spends so much time with Gene Brune can’t be all that bad.

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