Election 2020, Game Over, Shake Hands and Move On

By Arthur Moore

I really hope regardless of the outcome by the people that we can just suck it in and accept it like we used to be able to do many years ago. Some people will get what they want, some won’t. It’s reality. My views on who wins or not does not matter, just to me. It will be a relief to not have people trying to get me engaged in discussing it. This year more than most I just do something I did with my father.

My dad had this thing about always being right. I just agreed and let it go on one ear and out the other. I didn’t want to have fights and problems. So I would just say he’s right, end of discussion. Some people would not do that so they did not get along with him. I work in the public with people and I cannot be adamant about my position. I won’t get paid. I have people I deal with that I know which side they want so I just go along with it. Sure, I will vote for them. Once you have that paper who really knows but you. Of course you get the people who just want to start trouble on purpose for fun. With all that is going on the last thing we need is more problems. Please accept what happens gracefully. Once it is decided that is the end of it anyway no matter how loud you yell and jump up and down. My plan is right after this election is to jump right in to do something for the 2021 Somerville political scene. I am hoping for people to get involved in that as we are in need of change there. Change your focus. Maybe it’s time for some of you to step into the arena and give something back. Things you may want to see in this city. I watch Billy Tauro giving up so much to run for mayor so he can give back. We need more like him.

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