Potential Voter Fraud Warning In Somerville

By William Tauro

This past Monday, we were informed that the City of Somerville Election Commissioner called Somerville Department of Public Works maintenance foreman on the phone and asked him to come pick up a key for all the ten city election boxes throughout the city.
The election commissioner instructed the foreman to go around to the boxes and empty out all the ballots on Monday and then again on Tuesday (Election Day) and put them in the city DPW truck and then drop them off at City Hall.

The commissioner then instructed him to do it once during the day and once again in the evening. So in other words, our casted voting ballots, even if they are either a Democrat or a Republican ballot will be driving around in a green city truck by some DPW employee and we are supposed to put our trust into the system. Not!

Somebody should call the Secretary of State as well as the Massachusetts State Police and inform them of what the City of Somerville is doing is absolutely completely illegal.

2 thoughts on “Potential Voter Fraud Warning In Somerville”

  1. The concern i had was with early voting the fact the blots were placed in an envelope with names and address on them.

    I went and voted at the ward polling place. Check in and vote right out the door no-one handled my ballot. And i received a free pen cannot wait to see my next tax bill!!!

    The early ballots should have placex in an unmarked. envelope with ward and precent. Then placed in another with personal info on it. When the election dept checks them off and sends the balllotvto the preceint to be counted.

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