Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Handicap Parking Scam @ Assembly Row

Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

I am hoping my voice gets heard through your newspaper. I am a merchant at Assembly Row, times are tough just keeping the lights on during this difficult time and I need all the foot traffic I can get and parking spots.

Lately since the 2 new buildings that are being built, I have noticed numerous Iron workers, Electrical workers, carpenters ect… are using Handicapped Plaque-cards to park at meters on Assembly Row and Foley streets, close to the job site and leave their vehicles there all day, resulting in my establishment not getting the customers as there is no place to park as these workers are sitting there for over 8 hours.

I understand that we may not see someone’s Handicap, but unfortunately I find it hard to believe that many workers have a handicap parking plaque-cards. My business has been handicapped due to this situation. I am ready to throw my hands up and call it quits. Can you print this so maybe someone who cares will listen.

Thank you Assembly Row Merchant

One thought on “Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Handicap Parking Scam @ Assembly Row”

  1. Not in this city! The people and other small businesses will care. Even the ADA office. After that forget it. Small business does not count here. They prove that over and over again each and every day. You will make them happy if you fold up and go away.Until we get a real mayor you are screwed like the rest of us. I have watched this first hand and have been involved with other small businesses. You would have been better off being in the other 350 cities and towns that care. Definitely not number 351!

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