Somerville Annual Hydrant Testing Takes Place August 17-29; Rusty Water May Result Briefly


The Somerville Fire Department will conduct its annual inspection of all fire hydrants between approximately August 17 and August 29. Inspections are expected to conclude on or around Saturday, August 29. This procedure requires the flushing of water from the hydrants as well as a check of the mechanical operation of the hydrant. The inspection/testing program will take approximately two weeks to complete.
As a result of testing, some sediment may be disturbed in the water mains causing rusty water in homes or business establishments. The water may appear discolored but it does not pose a health hazard. This rusty condition will be a temporary one and should clear in a few hours.
Though water will remain safe to drink, it is suggested that residents refrain from washing clothes, especially white fabrics, until the water runs clear. If rust stains do appear on wet laundry, the clothes should not be dried, and residents may call 617-666-3311 to obtain a free bottle of rust remover.
Inspections/testing will be conducted Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. and if necessary, in the evening, from 6:15 until 8:15 p.m.
Annual fire hydrant inspection is a safety measure. Testing is necessary to ensure hydrants will operate properly during an emergency.
Anyone with questions regarding this procedure may contact the Somerville Fire Department at 617-623-1700.

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