Silly Shared Streets Gets Sillier


By Arthur Moore

They started on Jacques Street with this silly idea which has no chance on being used. The put in sawhorses and moveable poles. All of which were destroyed promptly. Mostly because there is no room for them, street is too narrow. No one walks in the middle of the street here unless it is Winter.

Now they come down and screw into the ground the white plastic poles, those are gone even quicker. Today I come home to little sawhorses on streets leading into Jacques. No one is paying any attention to these as it serves no purpose on this area. This is a complete waste of time and resources and has no purpose for these types of areas. Anyone with the tiniest bit of common sense can see this.

The only reason I can see for even bothering as money was thrown at the city to spend on this bit of humor. The country is beyond broke, why take money from them that serves no purpose? We need to be working on as many ways to save money as possible so we can work on getting the country back working again. We are going to have problems for years with having this kind of debt. And if cities like Somerville are going to be stupid with their spending we are not going to make it out of this mess.

The leaders of Somerville are leading this city down a path they will never recover from as they have no vision to see what is going on around them. I go by Cambridge and they are doing some streets also that have no use for this and it is not going well for them either.

And Somerville it looks like it capitalizing on the fact that many are not going to work so this gives them an extra advantage to ticketing cars for street cleaning as no one has anywhere to go or park. People are have enough trouble getting by as it is and leave it to this city to punish them even more.

We need to clear out these leaders in our city as pretty soon there will be nothing left to save. There should be a common sense test for them to even get on the ballot.

5 thoughts on “Silly Shared Streets Gets Sillier”

  1. I give up. This is like watching tennis. But up, down not side to side. Every days poles down then someone put them back up. Coming home today many sawhorse already tossed to the side of the sidewalk, some are missing. People are starving and trying to get by with this virus and the city wastes all this money and manpower on an ignored idea that was stupid to start with and had no place here to begin with. And no room for it. Way to Somerville.

  2. Put in new poles Monday. New poles down by Monday night. Trucks can’t get by so down they go. Smart city.

  3. Okay, they came down and installed new poles. Time to start a lottery on how long this next set will last. They are difficult not to hit. Great thing to waste our money one. Who makes these poles? Can’t fix streets that make them usable for bikes and cars when wasting so much money on nothing useful.

  4. What does not make any sense is the condition of the majority of the streets in Somerville. I would guess sixty percent of the streets are in less than good condition. How do you consider them safe for people walking, bike riding when cars can’t navigate them safely.

    Its time to stop painting bike lanes, blocking access to cars and begin reconstructing these poorly maintained streets. Make them smooth and safe for everyone.

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