Somerville’s August 3rd Maybe Opening?

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By Arthur Moore

I am wondering what game this is? Are they picking numbers out of a hat to see what day to open here? We have a total of 351 cities and towns here in MA. It reminds me of Monk on TV where he likes to keep even numbers. So 350 open up and one tossed aside? About as much sense as anything else one can dream up.

Why are the other 350 cities having no problem handling this? What is the problem in this city that we can’t handle it? The businesses are certainly ready and willing to go above what is called for just for a chance.

Regardless of things opening now or later there will always be a couple of people not willing to do the right thing. Regardless of when things open. The gym my wife is going to in Medford(sorry Somerville gym owners) the machines have to be cleaned before and after using. No showers, no locker room, no bags. Needless to say it looks safer than a supermarket. No one is even as close as six feet. As for large groups, well we have already been allowing that here without doing anything about that long before now. So that’s a no brainer.

And regardless if things opened now people are mostly still staying away and will continue to practice being safe for themselves but mostly for their loved ones and people in general. As that is what most of us do. As for me personally I won’t go in a place that I feel unsafe. I just leave. Not that I go in many places.

I went to the S&S on McGrath a couple of times but didn’t go in due to all the used masks and gloves there. Our dear council took over a month to address this complaint. Guess they like to delay things too. I have yet to take my wife out to dinner. I have been taking various people for the last 3 weeks to ones in NH. You can’t help but feel safe going there. They don’t even let you touch the doors. Clean, well separated.

Businesses are doing a great job and should not have to be treated like nursery school kids. This whole business of being safe with this virus is a matter of common sense and being as safe as possible with what we know about it. Hopefully answers will come sooner than expected.

Many of the business owners here are not much different than us trying to get by day to day. It’s not easier as they not only have to support themselves they also have a place of business. I have been a small business owner and know many here in Somerville. Some I have helped. The guy telling you to wait gets his paycheck, the small business owner does not. This about getting ones picture in the paper.

The other 350 cities and towns don’t need their picture in the paper. Let’s get moving here and play safe at the same time.

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