Somerville In Last Place Again, and Again, and Again

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By Arthur Moore

Here it is July 6th, my wife who is a gym rat ran off this morning to go to the gym after all this time closed. The good part is the gym she went to is in Medford which opened today. So with my wife finally happy things will be nicer at my house.

She is so thankful her gym is in Medford as Somerville lags behind everyone else in doing things and the gyms here won’t be open until later on. Plus the other businesses that opened everywhere else but here. Small business which pays more taxes than home owners have to deal with a city that spends more time on needless things than taking care of business.

You would think that having a mayor for so many years in office he would be able to conduct business and get things done like all the other cities. Why do we always have to be in last place? Somerville’s win loss record in this virus battle does not look very good. Perhaps a new mayor and council is needed as the one we have just can’t get the job done. And they do so well proving that over and over again.

This has been a huge financial burden on these people which I don’t expect our leaders to understand as to this date I am not aware of any of them giving up their pay to help in this crisis. But yet these people do and more.

I will be here to make sure when election times comes up to remind the people of how this leadership failed them when it was needed. Somerville is in last palace again and again. Kinda sickening, aint it?

2 thoughts on “Somerville In Last Place Again, and Again, and Again”

  1. Wife was real happy. Gym was no problem. The rules are you clean the machine before you use it and after you use it. So again, why is this city so far behind??????

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