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Many Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville! Happy Birthday greetings go out to John Heymann, Charlie McCarthy, Diana Martins Reilly, Aprile Boos, Barbara McKenna-Richardson, Rebecca Gil, Paul Cammarata, Terence Mcgeogheanmcgeoghean, Eric Tedesco, Marilyn Paladino, Denise Napolitano Grosse, Anthony David, Kamala Vasanthakumar, Anna Rebelo, Maxine Koerber, Carolyn Pedersen, Carol Barilka, Jim Povio, Ed Starr, Michael T. Dwyer, Chuck Roche, Roseanne Jackson, John F. Burke, Raíssa Storch, Jim Crowley, Damenta Damenta, Ricky Migliacci, Don Bohnwagner Sr., Richard Leccese, Darlene Cetrullo, Sharon Sheppard, Peter Westcott, Louise Fiorenzio, Kathleen Donofrio, Donna M. Quinn, Lorraine Benoit, Sandra Heron, Pat Centofanti, Verge Figueiredo, Darlyne Harff, Larry Bethune, Melissa Reddin Hickey, Chanel Cyrus, Danielle Vitiello, Mercedes Barata-Larregola, Mira McCabe, Karen Lambert, Erin Mcphee Donovan, Mathew Richardson, Dina Sinatra Reeves, Tim Toomey, Frank Zaganjori, Jennifer Dever Wood, Nancy Galvin, Happy 10th Birthday to Jayden Vasanthakumar, Happy Sweet 16 Birthday to Lauren Crockton and Happy 6th Birthday to Kody Koehn

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Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

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