1. Mr Mayor do you know what is worse than being confined to your home and constantly being barraged with political grand standing?
    More political bullshit. Why don’t you start with the SHS high school project. Just drive by any day and see the lack of concern with distancing or masks being worn by many up there on Central Hill.

    Stop by most local businesses and see if the proper care is being taken by the workers. Whether its a major grocery store, coffee shop or corner store. No one is abidding by the proper standards needed to consistent and safely protect everyone.

    Its my guess that you and media Marty are planning to take on the Lt. Governor and the media grabbing Mayor of Lawrence in the future Governors race???

    You had a better chance at being in the band playing taps at the lost Socialist Parade for Bernie and Lizzy that had to be cancelled due to social distancing.

    Maybe in the depth of summer you can have a losers re-union charge 300.00 per violator of logic. You will make thousands.

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