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Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville and around the Square! Happy Birthday to Gabriella Sabatino, Debra Tauro, Amy Oliveira, Carlo Richard DeMaria Jr., Jarred Mitrano, Jackie Salvucci, Cate Connerty, Richard “Dick” Murtza, Kate DiBenedetto, Matt Mclaughlin, Jorge Chaves, Patti Moschella Kalicki, Grace Snow, Chris Fusco, Theresa Miele, Dana Scali Paulino, Adam Bonito, Andrea Gregory, Lisa Chiapperini, Gina Muccini, Paul Kup, Angel Pefine, April Yarasitis, April Basile, Danny Nardella, Charlie Ball, Stephen DiBenedetto, Scott Delp, Elaine Tetherman, Raine Scirocco, Betsy Gypsy Lister, Karen Allan, Leo Connerty, Billy Burke, Michael R. Foster, Denice McKenna, Ian Talty, Joanna Costante Callinan, Al Davidson, Carl Askins, Mary Jo Blunt, Rachel Nicole, Ken Medeiros, Happy Birthday to Ashley and Shaley Horan, Happy Happy 70th Birthday to Jesse Armell, and Happy 88th Birthday to Betty Smith

Processed with MOLDIV

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