BUDDY’S DINER SOMERVILLE IS OPEN FOR TAKEOUT ORDERS 113 Washington Street Somerville (617)623-9725

Hi guys! So we closed Buddy’s for the week to figure some stuff out and prepare masks etc. and get a plan in order. So as per José’s request we have re-opened, to be honest I was gonna stay closed but he’s been with me from the jump and if he feels safe and prepared I won’t doubt him. We will be open from 5:30am to 12:00pm for takeout only, no lunch, just breakfast, please call ahead if possible 617-623-9725! Thank you to all who support us during this time. It’s been the hardest year in my 14 years of business. It’s a very hard and nerve racking decision to make in a time like this, but we’re gonna take all precautions to keep everyone as safe as we possibly can and are figuring this out the same as everyone else, one day at a time. If anything shall change I’ll update here and on the new Buddy’s diner instagram page. Thanks all, stay safe,healthy and make sure to eat your breakfast! Most important meal of the day! 😁The Buddy’s crew is very loyal and I’m very lucky to have a small group of dedicated worker’s. So big thanks to Jose, Tejasree Kundalini and Zenalia Bairos Pereira for caring about the diner and always wanting to help push to succeed!❤️

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