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Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville and around the Square! Happy Birthday to Kyleigh Jo South, Melodi Henalt, Martha Sousa Ferreira, Bob Farrell, Sal Fucile and Sal Fucile Jr, Patricia McGovern, Jennifer Knowles, Brian Anderson, Andrea Savoia, Joseph Michael Souza, Michael Emond, Kathy Florentino, Jesse Armell, Daniel B Rothschild, Nancy Soares Chaves, Robert Rebelo, Irene McDonough, Michele Ann Saulnier-Goss, Laura Basile McCormack, Neil Gillis Sr., Deborah Wayne, Theresa Miscavage Manning, Christine Aloise, Jody Connolly, Tom Flynn, Peter Broderick, Marie Blake, Albert Smith, Michael Powers, Andy Madsen, Randy Pinch, Jennifer Gjulameti, John Teves, Brenda Migliore, Debbie Simard, Michael Cirrone, Anisah Ali, Gerry Daly, Linda Petrosillo Mirabella, Linda Sirignano, Dennis Serpone, Edward Scott Adams, Tony Zammuto, Amy Logan Kelly, Paul Feeney, Lucas Braga, Happy Birthday to Robert Ritola and Happy 3rd Birthday to twins Rocco and Louisa Rotola

Processed with MOLDIV

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