SMC Facility Closed through End of March


Dear SMC Friends,

Paralleling decisions by the City of Somerville and the Somerville Public Schools with regard to buildings and programs, SMC will extend its public closure through Tuesday, March 31st.

We apologize in particular to our member producers, and our youth program participants (and their families) for the additional time they will not be able to access our production facilities and equipment. However, we are buoyed by the cameradie and understanding folks have shown as we are all trying to navigate these unprecedented times together.

SMC remains committed to continue playing content on SCATV Channel 3 and We will continue to carry regularly updated syndicated content. More importantly we also plan to continue to maintain the rest of our SCATV and BFR programming schedule that is largely sourced from the Somerville Media Center membership. In addition, the SCATV Community Bulletin board will relay information pulled from the city’s website at and SMC staff will monitor the city’s website and alert system to provide the community with the most up-to-date information.

We are optimistic about the challenge of working remotely with community producers to figure out ways to get fresh content shared on SMC’s media platforms.

With regard to SCATV Ch 3, Dave Ortega has provided step-by-step instructions on how to submit shows in the following video upload link.

Heather McCormack has provided instructions for audio uploads (scroll to page 2) as well offered a list of media-making resources for youth and adults stuck at home.

In the foreseeable future we ask that you communicate with staff via email or voicemail message as these will be checked regularly. We thank you again for your cooperation and understanding.

Best Regards,

Brian Zipp

Executive Director


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