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Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville and around the Square! Happy Birthday to Stephen Buckley, Denise Goulet Hill, Michael Doherty, Gordon Francis, Lauren Vozzella, John Walker, Marilyn Lillis Jack Lawrence:Macri, Susan mangherini Griffin, Douglas Rowe, Albert Badger, Brian Aruda, Lori-Lynn Saad, Paula Gartland, Vanessa Rios, Stan Dobrowalski, Carlos Rosa, Ed Griffin, Mark LaRose, Pamela Patavina, Steven Kusmin, Ed Washington, Ana Zappala, Nancy Recor, Cynthia Hughes, Barbara antonopoulos, Kenneth yu cheung choi, Debbie miele-rivera, Jim Duffy, Stephen Burgess, Bill Donnellan, Joe Rainone, Steve Lucia, Nancy Rebello, Michael Mulcahy, Paula Ferrari, John McDermott, Peter Mickiewicz, Anthony DiPierro, Dorothy Galvin Larffarello, Jody Ann McCambly, Mr Decologero, Jim Reeves, Rosie D’Ambrosio, My cousin Antonio Guarino from Italy, Alex and Cisco Meneses, Marie DiRusso Almas, Kerry Sullivan Carlini, Brian Gay, Geoff Wood, Alyssa Shea, Laura Mahoney, Happy 36th Birthday to Mark Santoro, Happy 5th Birthday to Liam, Happy 83rd Birthday to Tom McNeil and a very special Happy 100th Birthday to Connie Spinale!

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Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV
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