From The Desk of Medford Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn:Broadway Bridge Opening scheduled now July 2020. Reasons for the delay


Broadway Bridge Opening scheduled now July 2020. Reasons for the delay:

Problem 1
The former gas station had tanks that during bridge construction were found to be seeping onto the bridge construction area.
Any contaminated soil found needed to be removed and replaced and if any liquids were found they had to be pumped out removed by tanker.

The gas station site tanks were removed from the shuttered gas station site at the end of January.

Problem 2
Granite super structure from original 1800s Bridge was found to be deeper than what was thought. Drilling through this became much more laborious and needed much more time than what was originally anticipated.

Broadway Bridge opening date July 2020

Right of way to Granville Ave drainage construction continues and will be finished by May.

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