Letter From The Editor:Don’t Be Fooled With Intensional & Deceptive Wording In Somerville

It’s All About Deceiving the Home and Property Owners Here In Somerville

By William Tauro

They, meaning our elected officials, use the term “Rent Stability” instead of the term “Rent Control” to mislead the public and especially to place the financial burden on the hardworking/struggling home owners that have to hoof those hefty bills at the end of every month in order to hold onto their property.

Just check out this internal email from one of our radicalized socialism based groups of conniving elected hacks and their socialist freeloading zombies. Read it thoroughly and understand what they are trying to accomplish.

They’re trying to pull the wool over people‘s eyes so that they take the bait.

Homeowners struggling every month with paying outrageous taxes, hefty mortgage payments, repairs, insurance, continuous maintenance, fines, utility bills and all that happy horseshit that comes along with it and these freeloaders want more from the homeowner!

When are these elected hacks going to step up to the plate to back the property owners who tirelessly carried their properties for years back when the city was so far in disrepair when we were refferd to as “Slumerville,” a city full of bars, body shops and gangsters?

You just can’t make this shit up!

3 thoughts on “Letter From The Editor:Don’t Be Fooled With Intensional & Deceptive Wording In Somerville”

  1. If this were to pass this the rental houses would have lower values making prop taxes go higher on all other properties. We all know that The city ain’t about to reduce spending.

    The rc advocates should pool their own money and labor to purchase rentals. Then they can give cheap rent to whomever they pick.

    Can anyone name a local politician who owns rentals and rents to middle or low income tenants?

    There is a home owners group In the city that is growing in size. Somerville property owners coalition.

    1. As for having a politician with rental income and low income tenants would they even have it in their name to begin with? What about free enterprise? This country got started with taxation without representation and we are right back where it all started.

  2. Wow! The duplicity is strong with these Communistic bastards! They will stoop to designated targets with different terms to try to deceive or connive their little socialistic agenda. This administration needs to be replaced with people who will represent everybody not just their communistic communes of squatters demanding more and more rights while looking to get rent brakes while our taxes increase constantly.

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