Somerville Heading Into 2020

By Arthur Moore

Back in 67 I got married, bought my very first new car from Salvi Ford. Before that we used to go to New year’s parties and never thought much of it how stupid we were. This one coming up after we saw the forecast for snow we decided to play safe and stay on, didn’t want to hurt our new car. We were living on Newbury Street in Teele Square at the time. We watch TV until the ball dropped and headed off to bed. Got up the next day and after breakfast went out to clean the little snow we got. What a surprise. Someone drove into the driveway and smashed the back of my very first brand new car. That got the New Year off to a bang. It seemed so awful at the time but looking back I was not on the road to hurt anyone nor was anyone hurting me. Drinking was still very tolerated back then. Mostly the cops would tell you to go sleep it off. I got a little dent, some people never made it home again. Now I am very boring. We have an idea of staying up but by 9pm that disappears. Great, there was a time we were going out at that hour. But somehow the new year gets here without our help. One thing I like about my auto insurance is that you get a free ride home if you are not able to drive. Don’t even cost anything to play safe now. Have a good one and play safe.

Someone I know used to say he drove better when he drank as he didn’t want to get caught. Well he was going along and stopped for a red light. Then a car crashed into him. The police were called and he was arrested. Sometimes you just can’t win.

Okay, not going to preach here. I look back and look at how stupid I was and I am so thankful no one ever got hurt or worse. Now I don’t drink or do drugs or anything else and here I am not on the road either. I want to be safe on my corner if I have to go back out there later on this year when the weather is better and I can hobble back out there. I know it’s more of a pain to come to Winter Hill but please try to help out these businesses and patronize them. They are good people going through a hard time.

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