Invitation to the Business Owners of Winter Hill

My name is Arthur Moore. I am the guy who has been out on the corner of Temple and Broadway for the last few weeks. I am asking the business people of Winter Hill to a meeting between you and Jesse Clingan and Mark Niedergang to discuss your business if it suffering from the changes in Broadway and what changes are necessary to get your business back if it is indeed less now.

It Is your chance to speak up and have your say. They have agreed to come and hear you out. I have not set a time or date yet as I think my first step is to see who actually wants to go to this meeting and have their say.

If I do not get any business owners to want to speak up  then I won’t bother to set up the meeting. I was a small business owner myself for many years so I know getting away is not easy but I am only getting one chance at this.

I have put over 500 hours into this and my own money with nothing to gain. Kate has put her money and time into this with nothing to gain. Dave has put his time and won money into this and is a business owner on Winter Hill. We can be reached at if you are interested.  

If you do not do email just reply here and I will stop and see you. I live in Winter Hill.


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