Somerville’s First Dedicated Bus Lane Accident

By William Tauro

Somerville has suffered its first serious dedicated bus lane accident this past Friday involving two motor vehicles, one of which was traveling in the bus lane.

The accident occurred early in the evening at the intersection of Broadway and Fenwick Street in Somerville.

(Photo:Bmw excessively speeding in bus lane .. passed all cars in travel lane and t-boned the Ford)

The vehicle that was in the travel lane yielded to the other vehicle and when both vehicles came across at the merge, the vehicle traveling in the dedicated bus lane t-boned the other vehicle causing the accident.

A mother and her 5 year old child were treated at the scene then later transported to the hospital with serious but non life threatening injuries via ambulance.

The automobile was almost rolled completely over leaving it resting on its side.

According to witnesses at the scene, the automobile in the bus lane was traveling at an excessive rate of speed that later T-boned the woman and child’s vehicle.

Earlier that same morning, another motor vehicle accident took place nearby at Foss Park causing the vehicle to jump the island.

Photo by Kimberly Lynne

The new dedicated bus lanes, pavement markings, signage, and traffic signal retiming on Broadway Between Magoun Square and McGrath Highway have many residents outraged who are demanding that these decisions be reversed.

The new lanes and parking are very confusing to many residents who are raising concerns that it will be more dangerous as well.

27 thoughts on “Somerville’s First Dedicated Bus Lane Accident”

  1. This city is screw up now just past the law on 12/12 2019 they are telling you how to sell your house this has turn in to Democrats socialism government all councilman need to be vote out

    1. I am talking and working with others right now about just doing that. It is early yet but it looks like I have 2 council seats we have people going for. Looking for more people to recruit. Being a general election will make it easier for a change this time. This last election and the numbers have made people more interested in running. Plus we have a lot of offers for backing people.

  2. From Stephanie Hirsch today

    Hi Arthur – I’m sorry you are so frustrating with the new bus lanes. I lot of people share your frustration! Have you passed this on to the Mayor as well? My understanding is that the City and Ward councilor are working to set up a neighborhood meeting to talk about what’s working and not working.


    1. This is my first time contacting Staphanie and so far seems very nice. I hope she can help this issue the people of Winter Hill are having.

      Hi Arthur – I am so sorry, and I really admire how you are taking this on. That’s very discouraging about the nail salon. I’m going to see if Brad Rawson (the head of transportation and traffic planning issues), the Mayor, and Jesse can come talk to you directly, and I will do what I can too. It seems like there have been a lot of issues with rolling out this change. And truth be told, a lot of people are frustrated about a LOT of things in Somerville right now! I wish I could do a whole lot more to help resolve people’s issues… Let me see what else I can figure out about it.


  3. Spent a couple of hours on Broadway and Temple today promoting my bring black paint campaign for October 6th. Lots of friendly faces and talked to a few people. Horns and thumbs up. Only negative comments were those wanting to get Curtatone out of office. Saw 4 buses, one getting cut off and so much craziness of this mess on the road that screws things up. Traffic backed up and it was not even busy. two hours there was more than enough to know it is worse than I even thought.

  4. Just go tin from this mess. Going down to Salvation Army that spot out in the middle of the street for parking when cars come over the hill they pull in behind them thinking it is a lane of traffic. So insane. Going from Winter Hill to McGrath is so backed up today with nothing going on. That stupid bus lane doing nothing and people too chicken to use it and relieve the traffic situation. Have yet to hear from any elected official on this stupidity.

  5. Not only is this a nightmare for traffic, it is doubly bad for the environment. Squeezing two already saturated lanes of traffic into one causes elongated idling and increased emissions. And to do this at the same time that we are already dealing with several bridge closings…who thought of this? Cars lined up in one lane with a completely empty lane sitting there with no bus in sight is so frustrating!

  6. Something similar almost happened to me. I was trying to turn onto Broadway from a side street, which has become more difficult because of the increase in traffic in the, now, single travel lane, when someone came flying, probably between 40 and 50 mph, down the bus lane and almost ran into the front of my car.

  7. To the city council:
    We the people of Somerville request the help of our employees(elected officials) to help us with the Winter Hill Broadway mispainted street which has created a traffic mess and a dangerous situation. Since this is in immediate need of attention the taxpayers who pay for these streets wish to meet on the first Sunday in October with fast drying black paint in hand and close down the red lane from Temple Street to Main Street leaving a lane of traffic open so as not to inconvience people. We would appreciate your help as well as the police and fire department as this concerns public safety. We had hoped the city would have seen the problem created here and work on correcting it. Apparently not. Hope to see you all then. The taxpayers of Somerville and resident of Winter HIll

  8. I notice none of our employees(politicians) are to be found when there is a problem here. The ward 4 Councilor is also not to be found concerning this problem. We need people to run for these positions that have some degree of common sense so we don’t face these problems here. You have to assume someone has figured out this is screwed up by now and needs to be fixed immediately if not sooner. It is only going to get worse as people get more aggressive trying to get around this mess. Even in non traffic times now.

    1. And sadly – the mayor and Atleast 2 city councilors live in Ten Hills and have to see the shitshow everyday on their way to city hall …. there is no way they don’t see a problem !!! Yet nothing being done

  9. To bad it was not the mayor wife maybe he would get off his ass and read the e mail from all the people here and do something please don’t not vote for him

  10. I agree on the black paint. Then maybe we should have a black paint party. BYOP. If that what we have to do to save lives and restore sanity. After all it’s OUR streets.

    1. Make sure you don’t vote for joe then he can a real job and take is Friends with him anyone that in the city live some wear easy soon the mayor will go and live the new house in Winchester

  11. What is needed to get the city to fix this massive problem they have created? Do we need some kind of petition? Some other form? Maybe set a date for a date for some kind of protest? Seriously, we can’t let this keep going on here. They have created a monster. We have more sitting traffic adding pollution to our air. Traffic now at times we didn’t have any before. Creating a dangerous roadway. We already had enough of those here now with the cities help. A number of drivers have given up and now using the bus lane as a regular lane like before. More cars cutting through the side streets at a high rate of speed just to get around this mess. I think we should take the first Sunday in October and stand out in Broadway in Winter Hill at 10AM and make our voices heard. Should not be a problem as now no one wants to prosecute protesters anymore anyway. These people in office are supposed to be representing us. Not doing what they want and ignoring our wishes. People are getting hurt here and killed here with these so called improvements. If it aint broken, don’t fix it.

    1. Black paint. That is the answer to remove the lines. Share the road? It worked before with fewer accidents. Experiment over. They have intentionally engineered accidents, going against codes, law and existing traffic rules. Black paint over the lines that don’t allow normal vehicle traffic. A protest won’t do anything except entertain the sadists in charge of this mess. BLACK PAINT THE LINES! I know they prefer ‘the white powder’, but black paint will work fine here.

  12. A friend of mine was asking where can You sign up to learn this idiocy. There are traffic engineering codes, but these psychopaths want accidents for their press circus. How many people need to get hurt before their egos are satisfied at making everyone’s commuting more challenging, dangerous and deadly. Hold the leaders of this city’s regime PERSONALLY responsible and liable. They chose to ignore the law and codes.

  13. I live there too. Using side roads more but still not enough. I think we should block off Broadway in protest and bring lots of black paint. It will only get worse from here. Non traffic hours are now a nightmare there. Stupid dumb city. How dumb they must be.

    1. That’s not all of you get caught in the bus lain I’ve heard it’s a 500 dollar fine who the hell has that kind of money.

  14. I live in the area of McGrath and Boadway if I don’t leave my by 7:10 every morning my daughter will be late for school we only have to drive to the Kennedy School.
    Then I cant get back home, once I’m home I cant leave???? Something needs to be done. GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!!

  15. It’s a mess traffic from McGrath highway to the top of winterhill backed up . It took me 20 minutes to get to Central from McGrath normally less than 5 . Who the hell ever thought of this bus lane crap. Election Day is coming and I know now I want change this City is getting worst than better

    1. It is simply the people that making allthe decision are not from here so who care real only is the one are left the police fire dpw most all don’t live the city the mayor ran them out high cost of living after 50 living here l May move too l can’t take it anymore

  16. I live in Somerville. I didn’t know we have dedicated bus lane. I would have hated to find out the hard way as this lady and child did. Yikes!

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