Somerville Speakup Line:Smarten Up In The Ville

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speak Up Line,

When I went to Alfredo’s in Medford they were nice guys and the food wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t terrible. So when they opened up a restaurant on Broadway in Somerville, I welcomed it. Was I wrong. First, when I went in they weren’t nice and they didn’t give me what i ordered. A friend told me the same thing happened to her and they argued with her about it so she won’t eat there anymore. The food wasn’t great either. But that’s not the real problem, I can just tell that to Yelp. The problem is, they drive the wrong way on a one-way street. The garbage truck that came down the street the wrong way this past Thursday told me that “they always do it” and Alfredo’s told them to. Their delivery guys block the exit to Broadway and take their time clearing out so cars can drive up the street. Worse yet, they block the corners so you can’t pull onto Broadway safely. And no one cares. They act like they own the place. What – are they friends of Curtatone or something? Is that why they never get fined or told to smarten up? I hope they go back to Medford.

Maybe in Medford people don’t care how they treat their neighbors but in Somerville, as long as I’ve lived here, we’ve always been good to each other. New people moving in just don’t get that.

Thanks for listening,
A neighbor in Somerville

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