Somerville Speakup Line:”My Campaign For Mayor To Revoke Joe Curtatone’s “Sanctuary City Policy!”

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

The first policy change I plan on making if I am elected Mayor will be to revoke Joe Curtatone’s “Sanctuary City Policy.”

I am planning on making this policy change on my first day in office if I am elected Mayor.

I will set forth the revocation of Joe Curtatone’s “Sanctuary City” policy in writing and make it a matter of public record.

If you have any questions on my campaign pledge to end this policy of Joe Curtatone’s Administration please let me know.

I will answer any questions you may have on this issue.


Kenneth C. Van Buskirk III
Candidate for Mayor
City of Somerville

114 Highland Ave. Apt. 302
Somerville, MA

5 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line:”My Campaign For Mayor To Revoke Joe Curtatone’s “Sanctuary City Policy!””

  1. They interviewed before he got the new chicken sandwich at popeyes. Give him a second chance.

    Where does he stand on rent stabilization, condo conversion ordinance, and safe injection sites. Does he ride a bike or drive a car. Ride a bike or walk fast.

    We know where the pollster incumbent stands on the hill of fire begging for votes Kenny u have ours!

  2. The effect of this would (and i say “would” because this nutcase has zero chance of winning) be to increase crime in Somerville. Note to Buskirk: consider the political climate in Somerville. Does “kick out the illegals” sound like a winning platform nowadays? What did trump get, like 2% of the vote or something?

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