Somerville Police Officers Assaulted At Station

Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Reginal JOSEPH (A&B PO, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct)

By Officer Thomas Lambert #347

On Thursday, August 28, 2019 I, Officer Thomas Lambert was assigned to Station man 2 during the 8am-4pm shift. At approximately at 11:29 A.M., a male identified as Reginal Joseph came in to dispute a citation that was issued yesterday by Officer Kevin Goulart.

Officer Goulart happened to be inside the station man area and once again explained the appeal process to Mr. Joseph. After not understanding Officer Goulart’s instructions I then explained multiple times and read the instructions on the back of the citation to Mr. Joseph. He then requested to talk to a supervisor. At this time I went to the traffic bureau and notified Sergeant John Gobiel that Mr. Joseph would like to talk to a supervisor. Sgt. Gobiel and I then went over to talk to Mr. Joseph and after numerous explanations from Sgt. Gobiel he still continued to argue the facts of the incident, of the citation. We attempted to explain again to Mr. Joseph that this was an argument for his appeal in court, not here at the police station.

Mr. Joseph reached out and grabbed Sgt. Gobiel on the shoulder and Sgt. Gobiel stated “do not touch me”. At this time Sgt. Gobiel asked Mr. Joseph to leave the station. Mr. Joseph’s behavior escalated, and became violent and tumultuous. He began to yell and scream in Sgt. Gobiel’s face. We attempted to escort him physically out of the station, by grabbing his arm, in an escort position. We walked him outside the first set of double doors, and he began to struggle more with us. Mr. Joseph unexpectedly turned and punched Sgt. Gobiel in the face, knocking off his glasses. At this time we took Mr. Joseph to the ground, attempting to place him in custody, to which he was actively resisting our commands to put his hands behind his back. Because he was continuing to be non compliant, I then delivered two closed hand strikes to Mr. Joseph’s face and was still not following commands. As we had Mr. Joseph on the ground, Officer Ducasse, Officer Teeves, Officer Goulart and Sgt. Perrone assisted with cuffing him, but would not comply. Officer Ducasse then issued a 1-2 second burst from his department issued OC spray and Mr. Joseph immediately complied, allowing us to take him into custody. Mr. Joseph then was transported by myself and Officer Goulart to the holding area.

Due to Mr. Joseph’s uncooperative behavior, he was unable to be booked at that time. At approximately 3:28pm, Officer Ducasse and I attempt to book Mr. Joseph and he would not comply and per the instruction of Lieutenant William Rymill we escorted him back to the cell. While entering the cell Mr. Joseph stated I hope you have a tight grip on my arm and reached back towards my department issued holster where my firearm would normally be. Per department policy we are required to lock and secure our firearms inside a lock box located outside of the cell area. After realizing this I pinned both of Mr. Joseph’s arms on top of his head and he pressed his buttocks against my groan, stating oh ya.

Lieutenant Rymill then requested the BEST team to evaluate his mental state. He was given an opportunity to speak with them and was not very cooperative.

Mr. Joseph is being charged with the following:

MGL C272 S53 – Disorderly Conduct
MGL C268 S32B – Resisting Arrest
MGL C265 S13D – Assault and Battery on a Police Officer

It should be noted that I suffered some minor scrapes on my right arm and pain in my left shoulder. Due to the closed fist strike, Sgt. Gobiel suffered a small laceration and contusion to his right cheekbone.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Thomas Lambert #347

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  1. It’s Real Simple 3 Words Do Not Resist … Great Job S.P.D. 💙🖤💙🖤💙🖤🚔 Hope The Officers are Ok .

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