Miscarriage of Justice in Massachusetts

By Caroline Colarusso

Last week we viewed images of the carnage left over from a New Hampshire motor vehicle accident that tragically left 7 motorcycle victims behind. These victims were part of a group known as the Marine Jarheads and have been described as “the salt of the earth” type of people. A 23-year-old Ukrainian immigrant is being charged with 7 counts of negligent homicide for allegedly killing 5 US Marine Core veterans and two others.

According to court records, Volodymyr Zhukovskyy has a long history of motor vehicle incidents and drug and alcohol abuse. WWLP in Springfield reports the following:
1.“May 2019: On May 11, Zhukovskyy was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in East Windsor, Connecticut. A court hearing in that case was held Wednesday.
2.“February 2019: Zhukovskyy was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia after Baytown, Texas, police allegedly found a crack pipe on him.”
3. in 2014: According to the Journal Inquirer, Zhukovskyy pleaded guilty in June 2018 to sixth-degree larceny for his involvement in a burglary at an Enfield, Connecticut, Home Depot warehouse in 2014.”
4. In 2013: According to records from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, Zhukovskyy was arrested for drunk driving in Westfield back in 2013.”

Massachusetts has a poor track record when it comes to taking actions against law breakers, as a result many continue to slip through the cracks. In this case seven lives were tragically lost. Public official’s historically balk when it comes to enforcement actions and accountability reforms contributing to a broken system. Rarely introduced reforms move at glacier slow speed through many levels of state and municipal government. It seems no one is held accountable in Massachusetts.

Consider the Boston Marathon Bombers who were receiving state issued public benefits claiming refugee status from Chechnya while flying back and forth from that country from which they were supposedly seeking refuge from. It was only through repeated requests for this information that the general public was made aware of this blatant abuse. Also Judge Timothy Feeley of Salem allowed a known drug dealer to avoid sentencing because sentencing could result in deportation and effect his ability to push poison on our streets. We have a state trooper overtime scandal that continues to add new violators. Thanks to US attorney Andrew Lelling appointed by President Trump we were made aware of the egregious actions of a Massachusetts judge who allegedly had allowed an illegal alien to slip out the back door of the court house to avoid deportation. Additionally, the Boston Herald reported just last week that Massachusetts taxpayers are footing the judge’s legal bill to the tune of $127,000.

Massachusetts lacks the credibility to act justly on behalf of its citizens. This is the result of a lack luster efforts from many public officials who intentionally avoid accountability and reforms when introduced. Many members of The Massachusetts Legislature support making Massachusetts a Sanctuary State. This will in effect elevate the rights of illegal aliens over the rights of legal citizens and prohibit communication and coordination between local law enforcement and ICE.

The views in this column are my own. Due to Independence Day office hours are cancelled for the week of the 4 of July ! Celebrate AMERICA! I can be reached by phone at (781)438-5720 or email at ContactCarolineforinfor@gmail.com

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