Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Leonardo DE OLIVEIRA (Unlicensed Operation)

On 20 May, 2019 at 5:10 p.m. I was dispatched to the intersection of Cross Street and Tufts Street for a motor vehicle accident. Both Cross Street and Tufts Street are public ways in the City of Somerville. When I arrived I was told that Somerville Police Officer Yvon Jean-jacques, who was on a detail at that intersection, was struck by a motor vehicle. Officer Jean-Jacques was lying on his back on the Tufts Street sidewalk. Officer Jean-Jacques was favoring his left side while being treated by XXXX and XXXX of Cataldo Ambulance. Officer Jean-Jacques was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital to be treated for pelvic pain and difficulty breathing.

There were several witnesses to the accident and they gave the following statements:

Witness XXXX stated that she was on Tufts Street at Cross Street. Ms. XXXX stated that she observed Officer Jean-Jacques wave traffic from Tufts Street onto Cross Street. Ms. XXXX stated that she saw the white Toyota turn left onto Cross Street and strike Officer Jean-Jacques on his left side with the driver side of the vehicle. Ms. XXXX also stated that she saw Officer Jean-Jacques fall to the ground and after a brief period got back on his feet. Ms. XXXX told me that Officer Jean-Jacques was struggling to walk. Ms. XXXX, who is a nurse with the Visiting Nurses Association, told Officer Jean-Jacques to lay on the sidewalk and not move while she administered first aid.

Witness XXXX stated that he was riding his bicycle on Tufts Street. Mr. XXXX saw the white Toyota as it made contact with Officer Jean-Jacques. Mr. XXXX observed Officer Jean-Jacques fall to the ground and heard him scream in pain.

Witness XXXX was on Cross Street near Tufts Street. Ms. XXXX drove away to clear the way for responding emergency vehicles. As Ms. XXXX was driving away, she told Lieutenant Michael Kennelly that she witnessed the accident but she was not immediately available to provide a statement to me.

Lieutenant Michael Kennelly was also on detail at this intersection. Lieutenant Kennelly stated that he was directing traffic and heard Officer Jean-Jacques scream. Lieutenant Kennelly turned around and saw Officer Jean-Jacques fall to the ground.

Officer James Torres was called to the scene to translate because the operator speaks only Portuguese. The operator of the vehicle, Leonardo DeOliveira, the defendant in this case, told Officer Torres that he was on Tufts Street near Cross Street. The defendant stated that he was waved on by Officer Jean-Jacques and proceeded to turn left onto Cross Street. The defendant stated that as he was turning, he struck Officer Jean-Jacques with his driver side mirror. I observed a black scuff mark on the mirror housing. The defendant stated that the scuff mark was from Officer Jean-Jacques.

Lieutenant Kennelly and Officer Jean-Jacques both observed the defendant seated in the driver seat and operating the vehicle. The defendant stated that he did not have a driver’s license and provided his passport. The defendant was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle while not duly licensed. The defendant was transported to the Police Station where he was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Gerard Rymill. The defendant’s vehicle was towed by Pat’s Towing. He was issued citation number T1316827 for Unlicensed Operation.

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  1. Unlicensed driving is dangerous and in this case caused painful harm to one of our brave first responders.

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