Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Laurent BEAUBRUN (Shoplifting, Conspiracy) (Malden Warrants)

On Sunday, May 26, 2019, at approximately 21:25 hours, I, Officer Joseph Rivera, while in full uniform and working as Alpha 2, was dispatched to Kmart, 77 Middlesex Avenue, for shoplifting. Dispatch informed me that 2 shoplifters were outside of the store arguing with loss prevention. Officer James Torres arrived as back up.

On arrival, I met with a male, now known to me as Laurent Beaubrun, and a female juvenile, now known to me as XXXX. Ms. XXXX will now be referred to as Juvenile 1. Loss Prevention Detective, XXXX, was standing next to the suspects while holding the merchandise that was stolen. He stated that they both selected the merchandise from the display and Ms. XXXX concealed it in a large purse.

I requested that both parties return to the store. Mr. Beaubrun refused and stated that he did not steal anything. I then made a second request and Mr. Beaubrun stated that he bought the soda he was holding in his hand and he wanted to stay outside. I then made a third request and both parties eventually made their way back into the store and into the loss prevention office.

Once inside of the office, Mr. Beaubrun continued to state that he did not steal and he did nothing wrong. I informed Juvenile 1 and Mr. Beaubrun that I will review the video footage and determine if a crime was committed. Mr. XXXX replayed the video footage and showed me Ms. XXXX and Mr. Beaubrun selecting the merchandise from the display. He also showed me when Ms. XXXX concealed the merchandise in a large black and white purse. Mr. XXXX then showed me video of when both parties past all points of sale failing to pay for the merchandise and exited the store.

After informing both parties of what I saw, I informed Mr. Beaubrun that he was under arrest for shoplifting by asportation and conspiracy. I then informed Ms. XXXX that I will be filing a criminal complaint with the Juvenile Court for the same charges.

Mr. Beaubrun was then transported, via 200, to the station by Officer Dylan Lambert. While at the station, he was booked in the usual manner by the shift commander, Sergeant Isidoro.

Video footage will be submitted and logged into evidence. A picture of the merchandise, totaling $41.96, will also be uploaded to this report.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph Rivera #309
Somerville Police Department

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