By JoAnn Bocca-Rivieccio

I have a message to all, that talk about the numbers being down, when it comes to fatal overdoses. Yeah !! Now let’s put names to the numbers that died. One to many has passed, what if that were your child. Would you still pat yourself on the back? You probably would be saying, “I should have done more”. Then that would be to late, devastating mistake when they are 6 feet under. At that point they will only be a memory, ask a parent that no longer can say face to face to their child,” I love you “or kiss and hug them. A very sad thought right , I live with that loss every day !!! When I hear a group of people that are hired by this city talk about this subject. I can only think, sadly you’re not doing enough. When there are no more deaths, then at that time your job is done. Please most of you on the board should be worried, your children are young. Plan now you maybe able to stop this from happening to them, think of their future. one mistake has happened to many children and young adults that in their mind thought, “not me “or a parent “not my child”. … Teach more about addiction to the students and educate the parents, forget the budget a life is worth more .
Have a hidden in plain sight exhibit for parents. They need to know when there are items right in front of them in their home that will give them the indication to start worrying. Hopefully it won’t be to late to save them. It’s time to invest more in our future save our children
Now let talk about legalized marijuana, well this move has in reality created a huge problem in the High Schools. many are vaping, why because you can’t smell that they are getting high. Marijuana has a stench that follows them, so they have found a way for you not to know they are getting high. Watch and observe their life may depend on it ..
Personally, I am not against medical marijuana it is someone’s recovery, a more natural means of treatment. I am all for it, if a substance is being used to recover from opioids and pain medication .
Next week I will talk about specialty courts, Drug Court, as well as mental Health and homeless court.
. All of us matter and mattered please enjoy Life…If your family hasn’t been plagued addiction you are blessed …

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