The Data Makes It Overwhelmingly Clear

Photos by William Tauro

By Michelle Wu

The data makes it overwhelmingly clear: on transit and congestion, it’s time to address pricing disparities that exacerbate inequality and threaten our health.

The cost of taking public transportation has continued to balloon, while the cost of driving has remained low. The result is that traffic gets worse by the day and our air becomes more polluted. The trend stands out alarmingly against the backdrop of the climate crisis, where we know one of most urgent charges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to dramatically expand public transit ridership and get more cars off the road.

We have a lot to do when it comes to transit. We need to rethink parking. We need to implement congestion pricing and dedicate the funds to expanding alternatives to driving. We need to move closer to the goal of fare-free T, and we need to make our public transit system the most reliable and convenient option.

For the health of our communities and economy, we must cut down on commute times. The data once again is showing us what we need to do, and it’s the role of government to take action for our collective benefit. I’m so grateful for the courageous leadership of legislative leaders like Senator Joe Boncore and advocates pushing for the interests of all residents to be addressed. Please support their efforts to take action NOW!

One thought on “The Data Makes It Overwhelmingly Clear”

  1. Michelle WOA!

    When you can solve some of the simple problems in the transit capital of Mass then lets talk about the rest of the Commonwealth.

    Business people, elderly, delivery, construction vehicles and people with medical needs travel to Boston everyday by car because the T cannot get it working properly.

    Free someone has to pay for it and it should not be the people who already pay the excise tax, the gas tax, the sales tax.

    Government needs to stop hood winking every business that develops or moves here and get them to kick in for their employees and not just a T pass but money directly to transportation nothing else along with paying the regular taxes deserved to the City and Towns.

    Another Wing Nut ready to fly the Boston Coop!

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